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A Guide to Garage Door Remotes

If you have lost your garage door remote or need to replace it for some reason, this guide will help you make a good decision. The team here at First Rate Garage Doors helps our customers find the right replacement for garage door remotes and then programs them to their openers. Here is the information we share with our customers.

Garage Door Remote Brands

Every brand of garage door opener offers remotes that are compatible with their units. Also, you can purchase universal remotes that can be synced to your opener. You will need to check the box to make sure your model number is compatible.

Some of the brands that are available are:

  • Linear
  • LiftMaster
  • Chamberlain
  • Manaras
  • Genie
  • Stanley
  • Marantec
  • North Store

These are some of the brands that are available. We suggest you look at the make and model of your opener and search for a compatible brand that way.

Where Can You Buy a New Device?

New remotes and devices can be purchased at hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. You can find them online at major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Or, you can purchase a new device from the manufacturer directly. Check your owners’ manual for instructions on how to do that.

Types of Remotes Available

There are several types of remotes on the market that you can choose from. Here’s a look at the different ones you can buy:

  • Standard- the standard push remote has 1-3 buttons that can be programmed to your door. If the remote has more than one button, it is designed to operate multiple openers of the same brand.
  • Universal- a universal remote is one that is compatible with your opener. It can be programmed to any unit listed on the instructions.
  • Keyless- some remote units have a keypad option. You can install the keypad or use the remote to enter your garage.
  • App- depending on the opener you have, you can use an app to open your door. You’ll download the app that works with the brand opener that is installed in your garage.

Choose the remote that will work with your current unit or consider installing a new model.

How to Program Your New Remote

To program the remote, you will need to find the “learn” button on your opener. This button can be red/orange, yellow, or blue. Most units require you to push the learn button until the indicator light blinks to find the remote. You will need to read the instructions that come with the remote to find the particular sequence you need to push in order to program the device.

Call Today For Garage Door Help

Call the team here at First Rate Garage Doors if you need us to help you find a replacement remote. Our friendly staff can answer your questions and get one of our technicians out to your home. The technician can program your new remote and make sure it works properly.

Call now so we can help you today! We are so happy to help you out.

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