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DIY Garage Floor Paint Application

Does your garage floor have stains from grease, paint, or other spills? Our team here at 1st Rate Garage Doors has given you the steps to refresh your garage just by painting the floor.

A coat of paint can not only make your garage floor look brand new but it can also make it look bigger and brighter. It’s the perfect way to freshen up your garage on a budget.

1. Inspect and Clean the Garage Floor

Your garage floor should be inspected before you paint it. Check for cracks and holes and make sure to patch them with concrete patch products.

If your garage floor holds in a lot of moisture you will need to apply a concrete waterproofer. After inspection clean the surface with a broom and wet vac to make sure the floor is free of all debris.

If you have grease spots on your garage floor remove it with a stiff brush and concrete degreaser. You may need a power washer if they do not come out.

2. Roughen Up The Floors Surface

Garage floor paint adheres best to rough surfaces that feel somewhat like sandpaper. You will need to use muriatic acid or an etching product to achieve this on a smooth garage floor.

Make sure to carefully read and follow the instructions on the box before applying it to the floor. If after the first application it is not the right texture you may need to repeat the process.

3. The First Coat of Paint Is Ready To Be Applied

Thinning the paint with a little water will help the paint to absorb into the concrete a lot better. Apply your first coat with a brush to allow for better coverage.

Allow the paint to dry before putting on the second coat and remember to read the instructions on the back of the can of paint.

4. Apply The Second Coat of Paint

When applying the second coat there is no need for thinning the paint. Stir and apply the paint as is to the garage floor with a brush or roller.

Some paint will dry within hours but you will need to resist the temptation to walk on it for at least 24 hours. You can drive your car on it after a minimum of a week.

5. Extra Tips

  • Painting your garage floor is a fairly easy process. Make sure to read all the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results.
  • Pay close attention to temperature changes and humidity. On days when the humidity is high you will want to avoid this project.
  • You can prep the floor after you clean it by applying painters tape around the bottom edge to protect the walls.
  • Know what type of feel you are going for that way you can choose the right paint color.

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