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How do I Open My Garage Door When the Power is Out?

When your power goes out, your garage door will not work if you do not have a battery backup. If you do have a battery backup system, it will open and close as usual. However, if you do not have a battery backup system, you will need to open your door manually.

To manually open your garage door, you must disconnect the door from the opener. In order to do that, pull the emergency release cord. There is usually a red handle or ball that hangs from a string that is connected to the trolley. When you pull the cord, it release the trolley from the door.

After the door is disconnected from the opener, you can manually lift the door. It is important to note that your door is a heavy piece of equipment. You may not have the strength to open your door without the automatic opener. We recommend that you have an opener with a battery backup installed.

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